Diorama of Guadalest

(Antonio Marco Martínez)

antonio marco museoAntonio Marco Martínez was born in Yecla (Murcia) in 1937. His first residence was Hortunas, from 1940 to 1945; from 1945 to 1992 he lived in Requena (Valencia). Professional artist, craftsman, miniaturist and collector, vocational self-learner. In 1992 he moved to Guadalest (Alicante) located 20 km from Benidorm.
Guadalest, with only 180 inhabitants, has 15 restaurants, 50 shops and 7 museums; according to all the statistics is, touristically speaking, among the most visited locations in Spain, with 2 500 000 tourists per year.
The rest of his artwork and pieces collected throughout his life are exhibited in his second Museum, bearing the trade name “Pequeña Costa Mágica”, in Polop the la Marina, 10 km from Benidorm.

Antonio Marco Museum in Guadalest

entrada-museo-antonio-marcoHello, I’m Antonio Marco, author of the Museum including the “Ecological Nativity Scene”, the “Doll houses” (scale 1:12) and the “Antique Toys” collection in Guadalest.

In consider myself an artist, craftsman, miniaturist and collector, exercising my profession vocationally and passionately, obsessive with perfection; people say I have angel’s hands but they don’t know that I don’t do my job with my hands but with my heart and my soul, endless love and deep affection.

They also assume I’m a hard-working person and who says this is not aware of being wrong: I don’t work, I “play” 12 hours a day and  when the night arrives I can’t wait to get into bed and, in the silence of the night, sort out my ideas so that I can put them into practice “playing” in my studio, having a real good time. The result is a fascinating artwork full of beauty and originality.

5thI have no higher education, I acquired my professional training in the old vocational schools of Arts and Trades, going through workshops of carpentry, trim and wrought iron, electricity, linear and artistic drawing together with trades technology. With these knowledge achieved and my vocational passion for crafts and miniature I design and build houses and churches in a 1:12 scale, unique in the world, made out of stone, clay tiles, wood, iron, stone of brick walls.
Decorated inside with bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens plated piece after piece, wooden furniture and lights on.

However much I try to explain it from these lines, I won’t get you a picture of what you can see in my Museum of Guadalest which is just 20 km from Benidorm, in Alicante.25thI suggest you to see the photo gallery on my website so that you get an idea of some of my work though the pictures. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, you’ll probably see not only one of the most beautiful things in your travel, but one of the most beautiful things in your life.

Well, that’s what I offer, not only something different but unique in the world! I dare speak so arrogantly because of the moral support given to me by those people who have visited both the “Antonio Marco Museum” in Guadalest and the “Pequeña Costa Mágica” Museum in Polop de la Marina and agree that they’re a wonder… unique in the world! It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, through my artwork: YOU’LL BE SEDUCED

I’m looking forward to surprise you!!!

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